Lebanese/Armenian Music Producer

I was born in Lebanon and grew up in a family of artists who encouraged musical and artistic development and passion.

At the age of Five years old, I started to dance in Hamazkayin Dance School. At the age of 13, I took, for six years, the key of dance: Classical Ballet, with the famous Armenian choreographer: Felix Haroutounian, and I learned different folklore dances such as Russian, Armenian, Georgian, Caucasian, Spanish and Arabic.

i was always curious to learn more. so i learnt fire shows, and i had shows in 2002 in Opera Theater in Armenia. A year later, while participating in events in Theatre Monot, The Rahbani Brothers called me in to perform with them in different countries.

at the age of 19, my mother introduced me to piano. But i found my passion in percussion, thanks to my grandfather who learnt the different techniques from Tito Puente such as the Timbales, Conga, Bongos etc. i took Tito’s videos as reference and soon built my own style, and had to leave my academic education at grade 12.

I always wanted to go beyond the usual, I knew that i had the potential to shine. so, thanks to my dancing, i started choreographing the video clips of famous Lebanese artists.

I worked very hard to achieve what i am today in percussion and dancing. I also enjoy Wall painting, and believe my retirement would be in teaching to dance. But that would wait, as long as i have the energy to dance myself.

Art in Lebanon needs work to reach international professional levels: Being an artist is not easy: it needs dedication, passion and a confidence to own talent.

I have a gift, and it took me to Arab’s Got Talent in 2010 where i presented piano, percussion, tap dance, Georgian dance and fire show in less than 3 minutes.

I live through my own style, i design my own stage clothes with Swarovski stones and  self-chosen fabrics. I pay attention to my lifestyle and diet through meal planning and avoiding fried foods and soda.

I am often on the move around Arab and European countries and the region, more destinations are on the list as my shows are spreading about and my days are booked!

I have been the star percussionist with themed shows for 3 years in mandali un night and almost 2 years in Loge pub. last year in 2013, i opened the Ferrari launching in Kuwait through my vibes, and in 2014, i was teaching different styles of Percussion to our new rising stars throughout the complete season of the Star Academy.

I am Albert Boyadjian, you know me from my energetic performance, and my creative shows. And this is only the beginning…




Albert Boyadjian ft. Ali Mazbouh



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Rock The Dance Floor

Wedding Party @ The Legend (percussion show)

Egypt Alexandria Festival

Mi Gente Remix - Albert Boyadjian ft Jose Carlos

Albert Boyadjian - Percussion Show

Albert Boyadjian - Percussion Show [Event Lebanon] Party 3

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